Thursday, 4 March 2010

Kurt Tong: Memories, Dreams; Interrupted

Good news, HOST Gallery now has selected works from Kurt Tongs seres Memories, Dreams; Interrupted available in the gallery, prices starting at £350.00, do get in touch if you wish to see the work....
Here is some background from Kurt about the project:
This series explores the concept of memories. Scientists have suggested that memories are stored like jpegs, broken down into small pieces and stored. When we recall an event, the pieces are then put back together, any parts missing are filled in automatically by our brain, thus altering our memories of the event. The images are taken at places where I spend a lot of time with my daughters, where memories are made. These spaces are familiar to them and yet are shared, beyond the security of our home and constantly changing beyond our control. They are interpretations of our memories.
The spaces are shot using films, working with different lighting conditions and several other technique to 'degrade' the film, the images are then reconstructed through digital means.

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