Friday, 31 July 2009

Katharine MacDaid's Oman Revisited

At one of the Portfolio review sessions we hold at Foto8 on a monthly basis, I was lucky to see Katherine's work, she is currently teaching photography in Oman, here are some of here pictures and a few words from her...
"The photographs come from my time spent, so far, living and working in the Sultanate of Oman, a country on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsular. I moved to Oman in December to teach photography at a Government run technical college in Muscat. Having spent my early childhood growing up in Oman, I have long wanted to return to see the place again and to photograph my experience of it now. The work has developed without a fixed agenda. Preferring to photograph as I explore the place, observing what is presented in my daily life and weekend adventures, I am recording a personal encounter as I learn how to place myself in this distinct culture and unfamiliar landscape. "The above picture is a bus stop in case you were wondering.... H

The Party 09!

Here are a few pictures taken by Dougie Wallace of The Foto8 Summer Show Party that happend last Friday here at the gallery, we estimated 800 people passed through our doors that night, and luckily we were nearly prepared for it.... More pictures are trickling in so more will be posted in the next while.... Thanks for everyone who came and supported us

Monday, 27 July 2009

Whitney Hubbs..

I came across the work of Los Angeles based photographer Whitney Hubbs, whilst looking through the first issue of LayFlat Magazine, these pictures are taken from two different bodies of work: To Fill the Unforgiving Moment and Nothing Happens in June..

Monday, 20 July 2009

122 Photographs and a party

So we have just finished hanging the Foto8 Summer Show, and I hope that everyone is aware of the party that is to happen at HOST/Foto8 this Friday, if not please get your tickets here....
Once again its a spectacle and a celebration of photography in all it's guises...
If you can't make the party please come and see the show. All prints are for sale and at Summer Show prices....
Be sure to let us know you are coming by emailing summershow(at)foto8(dot)com..
Anyway here is a sneak preview of the hanging of the show.

Ian J Whitmore's Channels

Here is some work by Ian J Whitmore entitled Channels, of which Ian says:
" The overall premise of this work is to look at the reality of everyday people in a way that challenges the use of entertainment (television) as a means to be voyeuristic. In large part this project came out of a response to reality television and it endless (mindless) attempts to portrait the world "unfiltered". The basic question I asked myself when I started was how could a portrait be made using television that turns it on its head a bit and potentially (although not completely) offers a more practical and real image of that person..".
Ian is also Art Director for the Proximity Magazine..

Friday, 10 July 2009


Currently showing at PhotoEspana (not that I am there..) is the work of Yann Gross, mainly from his fantastic body of work on the inhabitants of the Swiss Rhone Valleys, but he also has this ongoing work on avalanches "Lavina"...

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Zuzana Salajkova

Here is some work by a young Czech photographer currently working in the UK, look here to see more of her work from various series....
Zuzana also has work in a show opening at the Impressions Gallery