Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Arnhel de Serra's Appleby

This is some of Arnhel de Serra's work in progress on Appleby, and here is some text from him about it:
'When the little chavvies gets up,they take the grails down the pani...then we all have bread and kel and a piece of stinger..’ Zilla Roberts describing Appleby Horse Fair, quoted by John Ezard in 1976.
Appleby Fair has existed since 1685 under the protection of a charter granted by James 11.Held in Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, it is world famous and probably the most well known of the horse fairs attended by Romany families who travel early June each year to conduct business and catch up with friends.
The fair is an extraordinary spectacle which is shared by both gypsy,tourist and local people a like. Whether this is expressed through the traditions of trotting and racing down Flashing Lane, or through the horses being ridden and washed in the River Eden en mass, the horse is at the heart of this week long event.
The culture of Apple Fair is a healthy two fingers up to an ever increasingly over regulated,globalised society that is forcing minorities to the margins of society.

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