Monday, 30 August 2010

Perpignan Now

Day One: Thursday 26th August 2010, London:

"As I lie here listening to the rain, I think back to the past 10 years... To the last time I was there.. ..

The heat, those hot sweet nights, the crowded bars, and dark lonely alleys.... and then the images, images everywhere, in convents and on buildings..

I never thought I would return.... But I saw it there, alive, definitely alive...

But then I hear a rumour going around. Whispers, and murmurs, spoken out there on the web, that its died, yes,it's is truly dead…. Dead….

So I realize as I lie here, that I have to return. To go south once again... To see for myself if its true and it really is dead, maybe it’s just in hiding, retired or simply in disguise.

I cant believe its dead, I know that in my bones....

So I know I have to return, to head back again..


To Perpignan"

To be continued...
(Disclaimer: If you have not seen the film Apocalypse Now, or not seen it recently, then the following diary will probably make me sound like a bit of a fool, on the other hand if you have not seen, or not seen recently the film Apocalypse Now I cant recommend it enough..)

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