Friday, 15 May 2009

NYPH 09 A Visual History # 3

So we are done, please if you are in town do come and visit us, show us work and buy us a coffee...

We will be looking to travel the show to the UK at some point so, if your not at the festival don't worry we will bring it Home.........


  1. Great exhibit Jon. Saw it today after listening to you and Tim Hetherington (hope I spelled his name correctly). Both of you were my favorite people so far at the Festival to listen to. And I usually don't get exited about what someone is saying unless there are pics to see during, from me that's a major compliment., I'm not anybody well known...just your avid photographer who'de love to break into the gallery arena with my work, but even if that doesn't ever happen, I will take pics till I die.


  2. Thanks for the comment... It was great doing the show... Glad you enjoyed it and Jon's talk....
    Keep us posted on what you are up to..