Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Massimo Siragusa

I saw Massimo Siragusa's work when he won a World Press Photo Award earlier this year.... I find these pictures of Sicilian Slums very curious, so I asked Massimo more about the work...:
" So… the images have been shot in Messina, Sicily. In the month of October 2008. I wanted to underline a current Italian reality, particularly difficult, for the desperate economical and social conditions in which some people live.
Moreover this is a reality almost completely unknown, that very few people talk about. Since some time now I have been dealing with difficult situations, Naples for example, told by their dwellings. The houses and their rooms become the main protagonists, and tell a lot about the people that inhabits them, their habits, their struggle and their dignity that helps them face a very difficult existence..."

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