Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Credit Crunch and The Merrion Shopping Centre

This morning we were discussing the lack of good photographic work dealing with the worlds current financial nightmare, and felt a little short changed (Sorry!)... Nothing seemed to spring to mind immediately that summed up in anyway the problem at hand... Every morning I wake up to the radio telling me of more impending financial doom, and yet where are the images?
Of course there is Anthony Suau's first prize World Press Photo (here) but I have not seen anything really that sums up the day to day feeling of whats going on here....
Then I remembered a picture that photographer John Angerson showed me recently, part of his English Journey work, and this is it entitled Merrion Shopping Centre, Bradford, West Yorkshire, 2008. This is it:

So if anyone has any other ideas, or pictures let me know.... I have a feeling this is just a starting piont for an ongoing post.... (On another note in the gallery we have copies of John Angerson's book Love, Power and Sacrifice (Life with the Jesus Army). It's available in the gallery and soon online here...

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